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Testimonials: What people say about FileHawk

"I found FileHawk very useful. It is more than just another utility software for my computer. I am putting the finishing touches to my master's thesis and it is impossible to keep all of my research material on my computer alone. As any other student I need my hard disk space for essential MP3's and I also need plenty of spare room for numerical analyses. Also by fear of loosing my precious data of digital pictures, mp3's, correspondence and thesis work I have been backing up most of my files (1 or 2 DVD of volume) every 2 months for the last two years. Filehawk has been very useful in indexing all of these backups. Now, if I want to find anything in this pile of discs I can simply run a search and Filehawk tells me where it is (instead of going through the lengthy process of trying every single disc)."
- Mathieu Roberge, Civil Engineer

"Wow! I did not know that a product like this existed... So easy to use and I saved so much time already and I've been using it less than a month. Going through my piles of CDs to find one file was a pain in the neck, it's great to be organized."

"I love making compilation music CDs for parties or for friends, it would take me forever to find my music on my scattered CDs, DVDs and desktop. Thank you for making my life easier."

"I'd need a prayer to find my business letters that I was looking for before someone recommended FileHawk to me. I can never remember where I saved my files, it's a relief now I don't need to be concerned about it."

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