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Professional Version


FileHawks Pro is different from anything you will find on the market. The objective is to organize your computer and to make sharing files easy. On top of all of the features that the Basic Version offers, the Pro Version has additional features to suit professional needs. FileHawk is designed to be used as a central point from which to work, all of your information is found in one place.


  • Save time, finds information fast
  • Never lose a file again
  • Stay organized, FileHawk automatically organizes your computer files for you according to your personal criteria
  • Hassle free
  • Save frustration
FileHawk - Professional version
   74.95 €
  Coming Soon!

Pro Version Distinct Features:


Produces CD/DVDs with index and FileHawk read-only runtime

With FileHawk Pro, copy your index on a CD or DVD, distribute it and you are able to share your files with others and in turn they can easily search through them with the read-only version of FileHawk installed automatically by the software. For businesses, you can blow your competition away by offering more services and better customer service at an affordable price and at no risk. Click here to see examples of use.

Unlimited ability to index network drives

Sharing files through networks and intranets is standard in business. With FileHawk you will no longer need to guess where your colleague saved the files in the network or try to figure out the best way to organize saved files. In an instant this software will locate the file in your network, simply type in a keyword.


Not all information should be shared, that's why FileHawk is fully integrated with Window's security for file access permission.

Provides simple Intranet search

A lot of information is stored in an organization's Intranet, but can difficult to sort. FileHawk helps users find what they are looking for.

Allows users in a small network to read a previously created index and associated files, on another computer, in a simple manner without requiring complex configurations.

Unlimited indexing

Provide unlimited ability to index CDs, DVDs and other removable devices.

Additional Features:

Distinct Features from our Competitors

  • Allows you to index hundreds of file types , using standard "iFilter" technology. Click here for the complete list of supported files
  • Save your personal search criteria in active folders
  • Active folders keep your results from your search criteria up-to-date, they are modified as your documents change
  • Save links temporarily or permanently to specific files for easy retrieval with the Fixed Selection Folders
  • Use the fixed selection folders to: list the most frequently used files; manage work flow by listing files to be worked on; organized a meeting and want to have certain files easily accessible; list your favorite songs or podcasts; shortcut to files that have long paths and much more.
  • No spyware nor adware that invade your privacy
  • Lets you perform sub-second file searches by their contents in your PC, removable devices and network in a user-friendly environment
  • Indexes files on many removable devices and will locate your file by their contents even if the device is not inserted in the computer
  • Devices such as CDs, DVDs, flash memory cards, diskettes, portable flash memory drives, USB drives, MP3 players, photodisks, media drives, only to name a few that can be indexed by FileHawk
  • Catalog and label your removable devices, have ability to view, export and manage the catalog easily
  • From the results screen, allows you to copy and paste files into a windows explorer screen
  • Displays a results summary by file type for fast recognition
  • Rapid indexing and uses more efficient space on the hard drive
  • Index and search in three languages: English, French and Spanish
  • Easy to use, intuitive and no training required
  • Indexes file information such as file name of the document for non-text contents (i.e. images, videos, etc.)

Index features

  • Uses your computer resources intelligently when indexing documents, will not interrupt your work while you are using other software
  • Number of documents indexed are only limited by your computer's resources
  • Scheduled updating and indexing
  • Advanced fault tolerance and recovery architecture to ensure index integrity

Search features

  • Allows you to find recent web searches (in the temporary files)
  • Supports exact phrase, any word, without these words, file date and file size searches
  • Enables you to search anytime
  • Similar word search: searches for similar word using fuzzy logic
  • Lets you search your e-mail attachments in Outlook and Eudora (using iFilter)

Results features

  • From results window, let's you preview the file and can shortcut to the application capable of opening it
  • Preview/listen to video and music files directly from the results screen without opening the file
  • Displays document previews which include the words or phrases you are looking for
  • Offers many ways to sort the results
  • Gives you the option to open the file or the folder
  • Displays and filters matching results as you type
  • Highlights search keywords in a different color for easy previewing

Other features

  • Offers customable settings to configure various features and parameters
  • Uses "iFilter" allowing third-party developers to create plug-ins that enable new file type indexing
  • Able to launch system from windows taskbar
  • Optional program launch at start-up

Examples of Different Uses:

Small business:
Organize your computer according to your personal criteria. Also, a lot of time is wasted searching for back up files on CD/DVDs. By using keywords, FileHawk will instantly tell you the exact location of your file.
Office Worker:
Are you constantly frustrated while searching for scattered documents, e-mail attachments, spreadsheets and various files in your network, Intranet, desktop, back up devices? Increase your productivity and save time with FileHawk.
Make a backup of all of your course material, files and research documents and search easily through the data with the read-only runtime version of FileHawk. You can also share your course material easily with students by creating CDs and they can search directly from it with FileHawk read-only runtime.
Index your recipes on a CD/DVD and distribute them. Your client can search easily from the CD/DVD with FileHawk read-only runtime to find anything.
Allows you to search through thousands of cases, testimonials, laws and easily access other relevant information required to determine conflicts of interest or to find examples of similar matters.
Magazine/Newspaper publisher:
Index your articles on a CD/DVD and publish them. Your client can search easily from the CD/DVD with FileHawk read-only runtime to find anything.
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