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March 12, 2007

Quadrom Services, S.L launches the first portable application to provide complete solutions to file search and management for U3 compatible USB smart drives, called FileHawk U3 Organizer. Run FileHawk directly off the U3 smart drive then enter the search criteria and the software will instantly find U3s' files by their contents. Furthermore, its ability to help organize files according to users' personal criteria makes this software even more unique.

U3 compatible USB smart drives hold a wide range of applications, personal settings and also have the capacity to store thousands of files. FileHawk was specially designed to help U3 smart users save time and frustration searching and managing their growing number of files.

Organize files with FileHawk's active and fixed selection folders without disturbing the U3 smart drive's directory. Active folders group related files defined by the users' criteria instead of by Windows' rigid structure. They keep files organized and are automatically updated as files are modified, created or deleted. With fixed selection folders, group files together that are not necessarily related by search criteria. For example, list files to be worked on, most often used or to be synched back to the computer. Save links to files in these folders to quickly find and/or group them. Fixed selection folders can be temporary or permanent as they are easily modified.

November 23, 2006

Award of 5 star rating by They established FileHawk to be popular and was found as convenient and useful. Follow this link to read their review.

November 21, 2006

Softpedia Editor's Review : 4 Stars Softpedia's editor gives FileHawk a 4 star review

November 14, 2006

Press release announcing FileHawk's release: Quadrom Services, S.L. released their new program, FileHawk, an advanced file indexing and searching program. This innovative software helps organize documents in computers, networks and removable devices in a way that makes sense.

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