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  • Different from other desktop search software, FileHawk is a unique document management software that manages files in your desktop, removable devices (e.g. CD and USB keys) and networks.
  • Designed for any computer user.
  • FileHawk will show you how to organize files according to your search criteria and will do it for you!
  • Organize and find files instantly by their contents.
  • Saves you time!
  • Stay organized, hassle free!
  • Easy to use, created to be a central point from which to work.
  • FileHawk's technology revolutionizes the way you use your computer.



Do you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of files in your computer? This product is designed for the typical user who has thousands of files and therefore needs an easy-to-use tool to organize files and documents, including historical documents which are on backup media. FileHawk can serve as a PC and CD organizer.

Use FileHawk as a central point from which to work. It organizes your documents for you, in a way that makes sense to you.

Find instantly text, music, video, e-mail attachments, picture files and even non-standard documents that you have stored anywhere. FileHawk can index files on CD and DVDs (or any removable device that can be recognized by Windows) and will reference the files back to you even if the device is not in your computer! It's able to index and search network files too. A catalog of all of the indexed CDs and DVDs (or any removable device ) can be created to assist you to manage your files.

Why do you need a desktop search and file organizer?

  • Find mis-filed, mis-named and rarely used documents in your computer and in your removable devices
  • screenshot Sort the overloaded "My documents" folder for you. If done manually, it can be a long, confusing and laborious task
  • A practical alternative to Window's Explorer to manage files
  • Save time and frustration searching for documents
  • Avoid work duplication
  • Instantly find archived documents in your numerous removable media

How does FileHawk help organize documents?

With Active Folders
  • Active Folders are a central point from which you can locate and organize your files according to a common criteria. Determine your criteria and FileHawk will find all of the related files and will group them accordingly. These folders are constantly and automatically updated as files are added, modified or deleted
  • For example, you are not sure how to organize your invoices. They could be grouped by date, project, customer or invoice number. With FileHawk's active folders, you can group your invoices in as many folders as needed without creating duplicate documents in your computer
  • Avoids retyping your search criteria
With Fixed Selection folders
  • Fixed Selection Folders are a place where a link to a specific file can be saved for easy retrieval
  • The folders can be temporary or permanent, make them as you need them
  • For example, you are preparing an event and need many different files such as music, photos, invitations, to do lists and correspondence. Group all of them in the same folder to make your task much easier without disturbing your computer's directory
  • Other uses for fixed selection folders: Shortcut to files that have long paths; List your favorite songs or podcasts; List most often used files; Create daily work lists of files that need to be worked on; Getting ready for a meeting and want to have certain files easily accessible during the meeting; If you're building a web site and you want to keep track of files to be updated or worked on; List files as a reminder to copy to a CD or to a USB drive

It's fast and easy-to-use!

FileHawk's document searching will find the documents as you type your search words and results will be previewed as you scroll through them. Sorting, document classification and document operations is patterned after common Windows applications such as the Windows Explorer, making this document management software very simple to work with and training unnecessary.

Save time

  • You will never have to remember again where you saved a file or figure out the best way to organize your documents to be able to find them again. You will be able to concentrate on your more important tasks.
  • Save time by typing a keyword in FileHawk and preview the document in an instant.
  • If you are looking for a document stored on a CD, instead of guessing which CD the file is on and performing a file search one by one, FileHawk will save you time by telling you where it is even if the CD is not in the computer at the time of the search.
  • Eliminate work duplication.

How Does it Work?

Our technology enables us to compress the data so the index takes up less space on your hard drive as opposed to other programs! We use the industry standard text extraction tool called "iFilter" from Microsoft, therefore it is possible to index all common file types including: Microsoft Office documents, Open Office documents, Multimedia and music files, Adobe Acrobat PDF documents, ZIP files and compressed folders.

FileHawk is for anyone

Whether you are a home PC user with a multitude of documents and other files in your home PC, are a professional with more specific needs or a company with complex exigencies, one of the FileHawk products is for you. This utility can be tried for free for a period of 30 days, please click here for your free trial version.

Solutions for:

FileHawk - Basic version
   PC Owner 
FileHawk - U3 Organizer version
   For U3 smart   drives 
FileHawk - Professional version
FileHawk - Enterprise version

Compare the different versions by going to the products page.

Make up your own mind; download the free trial version today and you will see that this is the solution for you!


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